Model: AN8599-DF2
Type : 10GbE X520-DA2 Intel 82599E SNIC Dual SFP Port PCI Express 2.0 X8

Product Description

1.The AN8599 is a multimegabyte Ethernet card that includes two gigabit optical LC ports

2.AN8599 can be fault-tolerant by binding groups, and communication from the failed port is routed to other members of the same group

3.AN8599 is mainly used for servers and high-end devices, and its performance is optimized and upgraded compared with other network CARDS, making system I/O no longer the bottleneck of high-end network applications

4.The AN8599 network card also has integrated hardware acceleration capabilities to perform TCP/UDP/IP validation and staging and TCP segmentation tasks


Product Parameters

Product code: AN8599-DF2 (mega Ethernet card)
Trial network type: gigabit Ethernet
Transmission rate: 10000Mbps
Main chip: Intel 82599ES
Bus type: pci-e-8x
Transmission medium type: SMF
LED indicator: 8 X LED indicator
Network interface types: SFP+ SR, LC X 2
Application: server
Working temperature: 0-55 ℃
Working humidity: 85%
Storage temperature: - 20-65 ℃
Storage humidity: 85%
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